August is the month to sit and admire your hard work and contemplate next years gardening schemes.

  • Rambling Roses should be pruned after they have flowered. These Roses produce next years flowers on this year’s growth. The side shoots that have flowered should be cut back to one or two buds from the main stem. Any strong new growth can be tied in replacing old woody stems
  • Cut back perennials that have collapsed after flowering, you may be lucky and have a second flowering in the autumn. Also this gives the later flowering plants more space to flourish.
  • Raspberries that have finished fruiting should be pruned now. Cut out the old fruiting canes and tie in the strong new canes that have grown this year, any weak growth should be cut out at this time.
  • This is a good time to take cuttings of pelargonium, fuchsias, and other tender perennials. Insert the cuttings around the edge of small pots, Hormone powder can be used to help promote rooting. Cuttings root readily at this time and in about a month will be ready to be potted up ready to over winter in the greenhouse.
  • Warm dry weather can encourage Mildew .This attacks many plants including Dahlias so if you are wondering what that white powdery coating is on the leaves and stems, it is probably Mildew. The solution is to spray the plants with a fungicide such as fungus fighter which is systemic or from the traditional range, yellow sulphur.
  • Onions should be ready to harvest this month. It’s important especially this year to let them dry completely before storing. This is best done by leaving them on the surface of the ground during dry weather. If wet its best to lay them out in a shed or garage.
  • It is important to keep feeding Dahlias during this month with a high Potash fertilizer such as Tomorite .This will encourage flowering and also help with the formation of Tubers. Dahlias also benefit from regular watering during dry spells.