The Nursery has now been transformed into a winter wonderland of twinkling lights, have you seen our display of Antares Stars at the entrance to the car park?  We used classic white and warm white colours and for the remainder of the trees we used multiple sets of connectable lights.  These are ideal for the bigger displays as you can connect up to 50 sets or 5000 bulbs, each individual set is 33m in length and are available in Ice White and Warm White.

Useful Tip: Do remember to keep the transformer dry with a dry box!!

LED Lights

The recent introduction of LED Lights has made Christmas Lights much safer and more economic to run, one set of batteries will last for 30 days on the twinkle setting! Many of our light sets also have timer settings so they automatically come on every evening, and stay on for 6 hours.

Battery Lights

Ranging from 24 bulbs (1.7m) to 368 bulbs (27.5m) these are a simple and effective way to brighten any display.

Multifunction Lights

All our multifunction lights have up to 8 different functions including static, intermittent and strobing effects.  Popular string LEDS start at 200 lights (19.9m) and go up to 600 lights (59.9m), more than enough for even the biggest displays!

Cluster Lights

We also stock Cluster, Compact and Garland Lights which have multiple effects.  They also have shorter lead lengths but more lights which help to add volume and create a greater impact to your displays both inside and outside!

We have an expert team on hand to help you choose the perfect lighting solution for your home or office and we are stockists of Festive, Kaemingk, Noma, Premier, Lumineo, Snowtime and Durawise Lights.