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Alocasia cucullata

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Product Information
Product Code: 8719562750569
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    Alocasias are the must have plant for the home with their structural appearance and funky stems.

    > Light - Semi-shade, not a plant for the window sill
    > Humidity - High humidity. Sit on a layer of Hydrastones to increase humidity or group with other plants
    > Watering - These plants hate lime so we recommend watering with rainwater if possible. If rain water is not possible then filtered water is an alternative.
    Keep the soil moist, but allow the top inch of compost to dry between waterings . Water from below so that water does not sit in the crown of the plant
    > Toxicity - Toxic to pets and harmful if eaten. Can be a skin irritant

    The plant would also benefit from a surrounding of Hydro Stones to raise the humidity. Shown here in a Scheurich indoor plant pot, not included.

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