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RSPB No-Mess Sunflower Mix Bird Seed 1.8kg

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    RSPB No-Mess Sunflower Mix Bird Seed 1.8kg

    Tired of sweeping up husks and shells the birds leave behind? This bird seed is a carefully balanced, best-selling, no-waste, no-mess blend of sunflower hearts, kibbled maize, husk-free oats and canary seed for seed feeders, bird tables and ground feeding. Most garden birds love it. Use all year round.

    Birds that particularly enjoy this food are:

    - Coal tit
    - Blue tit
    - Chaffinch
    - Collared dove
    - Goldfinch
    - Great tit
    - Greenfinch
    - House sparrow
    - Robin
    - Siskin
    - Starling

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