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Ceropegia woodii 8cm

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Product Information
Product Code: 8720496376534
Stock Code: 012445

    A gorgeous plant with heart shaped leaves trailing on slender stems

    > Light - Bright position, avoid mid-day summer sun
    > Watering - Water sparingly in spring/summer, less in autumn/winter.
    > Soil/Repotting - Repot as required using a Cactus & Succulent potting mix.
    > Feeding - These plants can be fed during spring and summer. We recommend using a Cactus and Succulent food.
    > Toxicity - No toxic effects reported
    > Additional Info. - The lighter the spot the more pronounced the varigation on the leaves. This plant may produce small flowers in late summer/early autumn

    This plant is in an 8cm nursery pot and is shown pictured in a Lisaboa Pot 8.5cm, not included

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