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Miracle-Gro® Premium Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost 40ltr

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    A Premium Compost, specially formulated to cater the special needs of roses, trees and shrubs. Its patented Smart Fibre and Waterlock technologies with the availability of all the nutrients, NPK and trace elements, ensure that your plants will thrive.

    Miracle-Gro Premium Rose Tree & Shrub, Special Plants Compost contains a special formula that secures air for the roots to breath, excess water drains away and this delivers stronger roots for roses, trees and shrubs.

    Its Waterlock technology absorbs 25% more water to help stop your roses, trees and shrubs drying out and makes watering easier.

    Miracle-Gro Premium Rose, Tree & Shrub Compost also contains a unique, patented Fibre Smart technology. The hollow wood fibres ensure optimum balance of air and water for strong roots to grow healthy. Wood fibres are 100% natural and peat free.

    With a unique combination of 14 vital minerals. N/P/K, Nitrogen is used by plants for lots of leaf growth and good green color. Phosphorous is used by plants to help form new roots, make seeds, fruits, flowers and fight disease. Potassium helps plants make strong stems and keep growing fast. Additionally, there are 11 more minerals such as iron, iodine, fluoride, copper, zinc, chromium, selenium, manganese and molybdenum which are vital for maintaining plants health.

    Feeds for up to 3 months.

    Always read the label and product information before use.

    50% Peat Content

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