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GROWPOT System - 3 Pack

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Product Information
Product Code: 5031970030044
Stock Code: 338000

    The GROWPOT System
    by Garden Innovations

    The UK's Best Selling Tomato Growing Sundry

    These Multi-Award Winning Growpots are the modern, easy to use version of the 'Ring Culture' system that was evolved and developed by Victorian & Edwardian gardeners specifically for growing Tomatoes. The Growpots have been designed to be used in grow bags, although they can also be used on open ground, raised beds and soil beds in greenhouses.

    The Growpots provide easy, accurate watering and liquid feeding of all plant types associated with grow bags, as well as minimising slug and other pest damage. There is also far less chance of soil introduced pests and diseases when grow bags and Growpots are used together.

    - Incorporates the lastest Watering Spike Technology
    - Improves crop yield - upto 40% more Tomatoes
    - Easy and accurate seperated watering and feeding
    - Uses 30% less water, everything you put in the bag stays in the bag
    - Produces stronger, healthier plants
    - Environemtnaly friendly - Made from recycled material

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