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Adiantum rad. 'Fragrans' | Maidenhair fern 14cm

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Product Information
Product Code: 8717232299004
Stock Code: 012028

    A really gorgeous, soft and feathery fern. Black stems with a lime green leaf. Ideal in a bathroom or kitchen where it will benefit from higher humidity levels.

    > Light - Semi-shade, not a plant for the window sill
    > Humidity - High humidity
    > Watering - Keep moist, not wet
    > Feeding - They are not hungry plants so a weekly spritz of Houseplant Myst in summer will surfice
    > Repotting - They are happy to stay in the same pot until it becomes too crowded at which point you can pot on or divided into 2 separate pots. Houseplant compost is the ideal potting medium.

    The Adiantum comes in a nursery pot and the plant is approximately 30cm in height. It is shown pictured in a Wikholmform pot, Natalie Blue Melange, that is available to buy in our Houseplant Pots & Accessories area.
    The plant would also benefit from a surrounding of Hydro Stones to raise the humidity.

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