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Codiaeum var. Petra 12cm | 30cm

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Product Information
Product Code: 8717232348795
Stock Code: 018935

    This Codiaeum has fabulous glossy and colourful leaves that will cheer up any home or office space!

    > Light - Good light with some sun. Shade from midday summer sun
    > Humidity - High humidity, the plant benefits from misting or hydrostones. Avoid draughts.
    > Watering - During spring and summer water liberally and ensure all water has drained before putting it back in it's pot cover. It must not be allowed to stand in water. Over winter water less
    > Temperature - Average to warm temperature 15-25C / 60-76F. It will not tolerate chilly spots
    > Soil/Repotting - The plant benefits from being tight to it's pot so pot on or repot as required every two to three years into free draining houseplant compost
    > Feeding - A balanced houseplant feed fortnightly in spring and summer.
    > Toxicity - All parts toxic

    The nursery pot size is 12cm. The plant is pictured in a Schurich pot cover, not included

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