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Scindapsus pictus Silvery Ann 15cm

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Product Information
Product Code: 8719562966168
Stock Code: 010825

    Satin Pothos. A lovely trailing houseplant with mottled silver leaves on a moss pole

    > Light - Good light but no direct sun. Will tolerate shadier spots
    > Humidity - Prefers higher humidity but will do fine in lower levels
    > Watering - Water sparingly in spring and summer, less in winter
    > Temperature - Average to warm temperature with a minimum of 13C
    > Soil/Repotting - Ideally repot annually in a moisture retentive compost
    > Feeding - Feed Spring through Summer according to the instructions on your feed. We recommend Houseplant Focus or Baby Bio
    > Toxicity - Posionous to pets, Skin and eye irritant, Harmful if eaten

    The nursery pot size is 15cm
    The plant is pictured in one of our Scheurich pots that is not included.

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