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Cabin Nester

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Product Information
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    Cabin Nester
    by Wildlife World

    Developed in conjunction with TV’s naturalist and wildlife cameraman Simon King.

    Many small wild bird species such as robins, wrens and flycatchers prefer an open-style nesting site with easy access and concealed from the prying eyes of predators.

    The Simon King Cabin design features an open entrance door and a secluded nest space behind the sidewall. In addition to nesting, small birds may use the cabin to shelter from harsh weather. In finding cover, they can save essential body fat, which aids their survival.

    A metal frame gives the cabin strength, and the roof has a cosy liner. The rattan landing platform and low wall provides the divide between the entrance and roosting or nesting space.

    Dimensions: 155 x 290 x 150mm

    Wildlife World Product Code: SKCABIN

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