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Natural Log Robin Box

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Product Information
Product Code: 480094
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    Natural Log Robin Box

    The natural log robin box is a hollowed-out log complete with bark intact and a large open front hole ideal for robins, pied wagtails and spotted flycatchers. The appearance of the natural product may vary but it is perfect for a garden or woodland setting.

    The naturally air-dried sustainably sourced timber wooden log has low thermal conductivity providing excellent insulation for nesting birds. The wood is beautifully pale, and the bark is a mottled brown colour. It is remarkably light and strong, and resistant to cracking and splitting.

    You can lift the hinged lid by loosening the securing screw to allow for cleaning and inspection. Best if you hung the nest box from the hole in the wooden backplate at the rear.

    Appearance may vary due to the seasonal availability of timber or environmental factors.

    Dimensions: 285 x 200 x 220mm

    Wildlife World Product Code: N8

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