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Wildlife World Original Bat Box

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    Wildlife World Original Bat Box

    Bats are in need of habitat as many of their roosting areas have been lost over recent years. This bat box offers two chambers and a valuable high capacity roost for a variety of species.

    > Will fit into any garden, woodland, or a house wall site.
    > Made from solid, high quality, durable responsibly sourced timber it provides longevity and excellent insulation.
    > Narrow entrance slot and strong timber help to discourage predators.
    > Swing panel allows for cleaning, if required, by a licensed bat worker.

    The bat box should be sited high up between 2.5m and 5m on a building or mature tree using the pre-drilled back plate hanger. The ideal aspect is so the box receives only part sun during the day - facing north, south west or south east. If it is on an existing feeding or flight route you are more likely to get occupation.

    All bat species, their breeding sites and resting places are fully protected by law. It is illegal for any member of the public to deliberately disturb a roost, handle or harm any bat. Bat boxes therefore may only be inspected by a licensed bat worker. However, you can monitor your bat box without disturbance, look for mouse-sized droppings beneath the box as a clue to occupation or observe from a distance at dusk to see if bats are exiting the box to hunt.

    Product Code: OBB

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