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SylvaGrow® Farmyard 50ltr

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Product Information
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    SylvaGrow® Farmyard 50ltr

    A rich source of organic matter for all soils, adding nutrients, improving fertility and yield, soil structure and workability, and enhancing water-holding capacity.

    SylvaGrow Farmyard is an excellent soil improver which provides gardeners with a 100% peat-free, rich source of organic matter for all soils, adding nutrients, improving fertility and yields, enhancing soil structure and workability and increasing water-holding capacity. SylvaGrow Farmyard is made from anaerobic digestate which is a by-product of renewable energy production, exclusively obtained from a partnership with the Duchy of Cornwall and local farmers near Dorchester, Dorset. Also contains up to 20% certified green compost for a further organic matter boost.

    > Adds essential organic matter to soils
    > Adds slow-release nutrients, improving fertility and yields
    > Improves the soil structure and its workability
    > Enhances the water-holding capacity of the soil
    > Suppresses weeds
    > Suitable for a wide range of uses around the garden
    > Clean and easy to use
    > Contains no peat
    > RHS endorsed
    > Audited by the Responsible Sourcing Scheme
    > Not suitable for acid-loving, ericaceous plants

    Fresh compost is always best. For great results use SylvaGrow within the season of purchase and preferably within a year of manufacture. Check the date of manufacture on the side of the pack.

    Packaging has been manufactured using at least 30% post consumer waste plastic.

    0% Peat Content

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