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Perlite 10ltr

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Product Information
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    Perlite - Micro-porous granules

    Perlite is a naturally occurring volcanic rock which, when heated to high temperatures, produces lightweight micro-porous granules.

    When mixed with compost, Perlite holds water and nutrients in the compost, producing a healthier growing media.

    > Mix with soil when planting out to help hold water and nutrients close to the root system.
    > Use alone for seed germination.
    > Improves water and nutrients holding capacity when mixed with compost.

    Primarily a compost additive, Perlite helps to stimulate root development and growth.

    Perlite can be used for seed starting, rooted cuttings, potting-on or planting out. If using for seed starting, Perlite’s structure maintains moisture and temperature levels.

    Its bright white colour provides protection against bright sunlight and high radiant energy. It also reflects light under the plants foliage to encourage growth.

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