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Vermiculite 10ltr

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Product Information
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    Vermiculite - Highly absorbent lightweight compost additive

    A natural mineral which has been heated to a high temperature, Vermiculite comprises of lightweight, highly absorbent flakes.

    By adding Vermiculite to growing media it will improve aeration and increase retention of moisture and nutrients.

    > Can be used on its own or mixed 50/50 with compost.
    > Used for pricking out or potting on.
    > Improves the overall weight of larger pots and containers by improving water retention.

    Vermiculite can help promote faster, healthier plant growth and also possesses ‘cation exchange’ properties enabling it to hold and make available to growing plants ammonium, potassium, calcium and magnesium.

    Providing good air balance, Vermiculite helps maintain an even temperature and can be used for seed germinations, pricking out, potting-on and plants in containers or tubs.

    Vermiculite which is added to compost and other growing media, will ensure the applied nutrients are available to the plant’s root system.

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