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Dendrobium nobile 2 Stem White 12cm | 60cm

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    Dendrobium nobile is commonly known at the bamboo orchis due to it's bamboo like stems covered in beautiful white flowers.

    > Light - Position in filtered light in spring/summer and bright light in winter. Avoid direct summer sun
    > Temperature - Grow warm in summer and from Nov - Feb grow cool (Day 10C, night no lower than 8C
    > Humidity - Prefers moderate to high
    > Watering - Water using tepid rain water every few days over summer. Allow to dry more between winter waterings
    > Soil/Repotting - Repot when not in flower using a transparent pot and orchid repotting mix. Do not cut back stems as these feed the new growth
    > Feeding - Feed with an Orchid Fertiliser, in accordence with the instructions provided.
    > Toxicity - No toxic effects known

    The plant is pictured in one of our Scheurich pots that is not included. The plant is in a 12cm nursery pot and has a minimum 2 stems and stands 60cm high.

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