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Pachira aquatica 19cm | 85cm

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Product Information
Product Code: 8717232031499
Stock Code: 012527

    Known as a Money Tree, this lovely glossy green plant has braided stems and and large, finger-like leaves

    > Light - Filtered sun. No direct sunlight
    > Humidity - Moderate humidity
    > Watering - Keep moist, not wet. Water less in the winter months
    > Feeding - They are not hungry plants so a weekly spritz of Houseplant Myst in summer will surfice
    > Repotting - Replace the top inch or two of compost each spring rather than repotting Houseplant compost is the ideal potting medium.

    The Pachira pictured is in a 19cm nursery pot and the plant is approximately 85cm in height. It is shown pictured in an Ivyline basket, not included.

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