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Strelitzia nicolai 19cm | 100cm

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    This giant, white flowering Bird of Paradise plant is a definite statement piece with large tropical leaves and stunning flowers once it reaches maturity.

    > Light - Good light but avoid direct midday summer sun.
    > Humidity - Prefers higher humidity, misting or hydrostones are beneficial
    > Watering - Keep the soil moist during the spring and summer months, watering less in the dormant season
    > Temperature - Average to warm temperature, 12 - 24C
    > Soil/Repotting - As required into a 3:1 mix of John Innes no. 2 and horticultural grit. For older established plants just replenish the top compost layer annually.
    > Feeding - Feed Spring through Summer according to the instructions on your feed. We recommend Houseplant Focus, or when of an age to produce blooms then a high potassium feed
    > Toxicity - All parts of this plant are poisonous

    The nursery pot size is 24cm and stands at approximately 100cm
    The plant is pictured in one of our Scheurich pots that is not included.

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