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The Green Olive Firewood Co. Premium Gourmet Charcoal 8kg

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Product Information
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    The Green Olive Firewood Co. Premium Gourmet Charcoal 8kg

    > Restaurant grade charcoal
    > Better temperature control
    > Long burn time
    > 100% Natural Lumpwood
    > Made from ethical and sustainable woods
    > Maximum flavour

    It’s all About the Flavour! If you are looking for a quality restaurant grade lumpwood charcoal then Premium Gourmet is the choice for you.

    This Restaurant grade Lumpwood charcoal is ethically created from sustainable dense hardwoods, such as She-oak (casuarina tree). The density and size of the charcoal pieces (2-40cm) will ensure high temperatures for an extended period of time making it ideal for use in professional kitchens and home BBQ’s.

    Designed to provide longer and more controllable cooking temperatures. Used by Chefs and Home Cooks alike because of it’s consistent high temperatures which provide a more controllable cooking environment required in professional kitchens.

    This Premium Gourmet Charcoal is 100% Natural Lumpwood (no additives or chemicals) and is made from ethical and sustainable dense hardwoods to provide Maximum Flavour to your cooking.

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