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Weber Grill Brush 53cm/21"

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Product Code: 077924018947
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    Weber Grill Brush 53cm/21"

    A clean cooking grate prevents yesterday's steak dinner from tainting today's carefully-seasoned and delicately-flavoured fish and veggies. Use the Grill Brush to clean your cooking grates before each use so that each meal is as delicious as the next.

    > Wide brush head cleans large surfaces quickly and efficiently
    > Shorter sides can be used for edges and dislodging debris from between grates
    > Thick Stainless Steel bristles reisit wear
    > Ergonomic handle providing control and leverage when cleaning cooking grates

    Cleaning your barbecue shouldn’t be a chore so let the Weber Grill Brush make day-to-day cleaning easy. Simply preheat your barbecue before you start cooking, this will carbonise any food debris on the cooking grate. After 10 minutes or so use steel bristles to brush the grate clean. The shape of the Grill Brush is designed to reach every part of your barbecue cooking grate; and it can even be used to clean debris from the Flavorizer bars on a gas barbecue. Suitable for all barbecues and with an easy-grip ergonomic handle there is no better cleaning companion.

    Part #6493

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