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Jobs in the Garden: July

Dahlia Trial Ground & July Incident

Work has begun on our dahlia field adjacent to the garden centre, with the complete trial ground being planted, with over seventy different varieties. 

During last weekend an incident took place where mindless vandals destroyed part of the Dahlia Trial Grounds. Sadly due to this incident it has now caused a delay to the opening of our field adjacent to the garden centre. To read more about this incident click here to see the Herts Advertiser's story on what happened.

Herts Advertiser story - July Incident

Due to the incident the opening of the field for viewing will be delayed until the end of August. Keep an eye on the website for the exact date to be announced, or give us a call and once we have the date we will let you know. At the moment we are working hard to repair the damage caused and keep the other parts of the field not affected upto our usual standard.

We are pleased to say that we will not be beaten by incident and the annual Autumn Festival with the Dahlia Marquee and other events will go ahead in September, see News and Events for dates

Water Wise New

Plants lose water through their leaves all the time. It is essential to ensure there is enough to replenish the roots, otherwise they will struggle and at the worse die. In warm weather water is lost from the soil by evaporation, so watering will need to be done more often.


Summer Holiday Fun

Join us this summer for our Young Gardener's activities which will be running between 11am until 3pm from the 21st July.

Be sure to check out our Young Gardner's menu at the Dahlia Coffee House.


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Plants of the Month

We have two Plants of the Month for July

Outdoor Plant of the Month

Penstemons (Picture: Mixed) - One of the most valuable summer flowering perennials. They are free flowering and available in a range of colours. They can be planted amongst grasses or roses and are a fantastic addition to any herbaceous border. For more information click here.

Indoor Plant of the Month

Hibiscus (Picture: Rosa Sinensis) - with glossy leaves and 5 petalled striking flowers in deep rich colours. Succession of flowers throughout the summer a perfect stunning plant for your conservatory or window sill.


Outdoor Living

From early spring throughout the summer months we have a large dedicated sales area displaying our range of garden and conservatory furniture. Our outdoor living sales team are always ready to help you select the right furniture for you. We have gone to great lengths to source a range of furniture with an emphasis on quality and comfort, complemented by fabrics that cater for every taste.

For those of you who wish to abandon the kitchen and join the party in the garden we have a selection of both charcoal and gas models. We are stockists of Weber, Landmann, Outback, and Outdoor Chef BBQ’s


Christmas Potatoes

Enjoy home grown New Potatoes with your Christmas Dinner! Seed potatoes are now available in our Main Shop for immediate planting. The potatoes are suitable for growing in pots and containers or in the garden.

Christmas Potatoes 2014

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