Dahlia Field - August 2015

Our Dahlia field is open now. Despite all the heavy rain over the last ten days the Dahlia Field looks magnificent. Dahlias prove time and time again that they can withstand bad weather and provide a fantastic late summer display of colour in the garden.

In this our 60th year, we have changed the layout of the field, as you can see in the foreground of the picture we will have all our varieties planted in the tradition A-Z, the remaining half of the field  has been designed as a garden border using herbaceous plants and shrubs. The Dahlias have been planted amongst the plants to show the impact Dahlias can make in a garden when used in this way. Come visit this spectacular sight open until the first frosts of Autumn.



GCA 2015

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Plants of the Month
Plants of the Month Indoor


Bromelia‚Äôs leaves form a shaft in the heart of the plant, which serves to collect the water.  The long lasting flowers in fiery colours make them suitable for any type of interior.

Plants of the Month Outdoor
Top Left - Penstemon, Top Right - Anemone, Bottom Left - Sedum, Bottom Right - Heuchera

Late Summer Perennials,

Our range of Late Flowering Perennials will brighten up your garden later in the season. There are plenty of perennials that can add colour to your garden in the late summer and autumn months such as Penstemon, Sedum, Anemone, and Heuchera.


Autumn is nature's natural time for planting

Autumn is nature's natural time for planting. Make the most of warm soil; plant now and give your plants a good head start. We have a fantastic selection for your garden and containers, including our home grown primrose, polyanthus and autumn cyclamen.

Spring is just around the corner

Visit the Bulb Bonanza for a great selection of top quality spring bulbs. Dwarf flowering bulbs make a great choice for containers, top with winter flowering pansies and some of our home grown cyclamen for instant colour.


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