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Environmental awareness and concerns are fundamental to us in every aspect of our business.

It is the ethos of Aylett Nurseries Ltd to protect the environment through sound practices that reduce waste and minimize risk to the environment.

This policy applies to all areas of our business.

We are dedicated to reducing our own carbon foot print by growing a large selection of our plants in our nursery. These include our Dahlia’s, Geraniums, Fuchsias, Cyclamen, Poinsettias, Primroses and Polyanthus. This year we will be using a compost with 40% reduced peat for these crops while continuing with our trials to reduce this further. This year the outdoor planted containers that are created by our team will be planted using a peat free compost. Look out for our recyclable taupe, grey and blue pots, these can be put into your kerbside recycling.  Recently the supply of plastic pots and trays has been difficult to say the least, and reluctantly we have had to return to using black bedding tray for our crop of Ayletts Choice this spring, these are still recyclable but only on an industrial scale, please return any used tray and we will bundle them with our plastic to be sent for recycling. The Greenhouse environment is computer controlled to ensure our energy consumption is at its most efficient.

We source as many plants as we can from British Nurseries, and many other products from small local suppliers.

In the retail area we have converted the majority of our light fittings to LED to reduce our energy usage.

The range of environmentally friendly products stocked in our garden chemical section is steadily growing, both in number and demand.  This includes organic and natural based bug killers, plant feed, snail & slug control and weed killers, the majority of which are child & pet safe.

All card, glass, paper, wood, toner and printer cartridges and most plastic are recycled, and we offer a battery recycling facility.

We encourage our customers to either bring their own bags or use one of our recycled boxes for their purchases.

We still have a long way to go but our commitment to ongoing improvement is second to none.