A large group of mainly evergreen trees, ranging in height from the very small dwarf rockery varieties which are just a few centimetres high to trees of 30m and more. They vary in foliage type and colour. Conifers will grow in most moist but well drained soils but some may prefer an acid soil. Their uses include hedging, ground cover and specimens. Dwarf types are a useful complement to heathers, dwarf rhododendrons and azaleas.

Most of our conifers are container grown for maximum success in transplanting, and so can be planted all the year round providing weather conditions are suitable. When planting in Spring and Summer, watering is essential for the quick establishment of the plant. Conifers need some protection from drying winds, a temporary windbreak constructed using wooden posts supporting hessian or shelter net (woven cloth) can be invaluable.


Planting can be undertaken throughout the year providing the ground is not frozen, water-logged or under drought conditions.


Trimming, if necessary, is best done in June - July. Trim plants when young rather than wait until they are larger than required. Using this method only younger wood needs to be cut and this will not spoil the shape of the plant if done carefully