A selection of Christmas Trees are still available however our selection is now limited ~ please call us on 01727 822255 to discuss your requirements.

Don’t forget that you can recycle your Christmas Tree with us after the festive season! We are taking bookings now for collections (nominal charge applies) or simply bring your tree back to the garden centre. Please click here for details.

Visit our Christmas Tree Forest and select the perfect tree for your festive home…

Our full range of Cut and Potted Christmas Trees are now available.

For many, choosing your Christmas Tree is one of the most special events of the festive season celebrations. Whether your preference is the traditional Norway Spruce, the Nordman Fir with its excellent needle holding qualities, the fragrant foliage of the Fraser Fir or simply one that fits in your desired spot, our team are on hand to help with your selection.

Our Cut Christmas Trees are displayed standing up and un-netted so choosing your favourite couldn’t be made easier.

Once you’ve chosen your tree we will net it for you for easy transportation home or why not make use of our delivery service and have your tree delivered directly to your door, we deliver within a 20 mile radius of the garden centre – please see our delivery page for further details. Unable to visit? we are very happy to select a tree for you and arrange delivery!

Types of Christmas Tree

Norway Spruce (Picea Abies)

The traditional Christmas tree with short green needles. Best suited for a cooler position or ideally outside. If it is allowed to dry out when brought into the home, it will drop its needles badly. However, if kept in a water-holding stand which is regularly topped up with water it should remain fresh throughout the festive period with minimal needle drop.

  • Cut Sizes Available: 150-180cm (5’-6’) £19.95 / 180-210cm (6’-7’) £24.95 / 210-240cm (7’-8’) £29.95
  • Potted Sizes Available: 80-100cm (2’-3’) £26.95 / 100-125cm (3’-4’) £32.95

Nordman Fir (Abies Nordmanniana)

The most popular Christmas tree variety – a family favourite. With a classic Christmas tree shape and long, soft, dark green needles the Nordman Fir has excellent needle holding properties.

  • Cut Sizes Available: 120-150cm (4’-5’) £26.95 / 150-180cm (5’-6’) £36.95 / 180-210cm (6’-7’) £45.95 / 210-240cm (7’-8’) £61.95 / 240-270cm (8’-9’) £85.00
  • Potted Size Available: 80-100cm (2’-3’) £35.95

Noble Fir (Abies Nobilis)

Noble Firs have unique, upturned blue-green needles and evenly spaced branches. Often a popular choice, they can display all the characteristics of the perfect Christmas tree. Choose those with a strong blue colour to provide a stunning look in your home.

  • Cut Sizes Available: 120-150cm (4’-5’) £32.95 /  150-180cm (5’-6’) £44.95 / 180-210cm (6’-7’) £55.95 /  210-240cm (7’-8’) £69.95

Fraser Fir (Abies Fraseri)

This Christmas tree has a unique fragrance and excellent needle holding properties. It has firm branches which can are suitable for larger decorations. Fraser Fir is often referred to as looking similar to Norway Spruce but has the needle holding qualities of Nordman Fir.

  • Cut Sizes Available: 150-180cm (5’-6’) £36.95 / 180-210cm (6’-7’) £45.95 / 210-240cm (7’-8’) £61.95

We also stock Blue Spruce 60-80cm (£24.95) potted trees.

Caring for your Christmas Tree

Cut Trees

Store your Christmas tree with its net removed in an upright position in a cool, frost-free place. Do not install your tree too early. To reduce needle drop the best results will be achieved if you bring your tree in for 10-14 days over Christmas.

Saw off 5cms (2”) from the bottom of the trunk*. Place into a bucket of water for a long drink, this will pump up the needles for a fuller-looking tree and help to reduce needle drop.

*N.B. If you are intending to use a ‘Stand Straight’ tree stand and have requested for your tree to be drilled, then only saw off a thin slither to leave enough drilled depth for the tree to be held on the locating pin.

Either plant your tree firmly in a pot of moist sand with a saucer beneath the container or fix into a Christmas tree stand, preferably one with an integral reservoir and top up water level regularly.

Containerised/Potted Trees

Thoroughly water the compost and place a saucer beneath the pot.

Keep the Christmas tree in the house for a short a period as possible. If possible put the tree in a frost-free place to re-acclimatise before planting out, constructing a windbreak around the plant would also be beneficial.

Positioning Your Tree Inside


Place in a cool position away from heat sources and out of draughts. Top up reservoir in the tree stand and water compost as required, being mindful of the electrics.


Putting your tree up has never been so easy with our great selection of Christmas Tree stands! Available in a variety of sizes and styles and our staff are on hand to help with your selection.

Recycling & Collection Service 2020

At the end of the festive season, please bring your Christmas trees and Christmas cards to the Nursery from 3rd – 21st January 2020 inclusive for recycling. An area will be set aside at the top of the car park to make disposal easy for you. Alternatively, for a nominal charge, we will collect your Christmas tree for you.