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At Aylett Nurseries we always strive to keep packaging to an absolute minimum and source products from suppliers that are as environmentally conscious as we are, currently;

  • We actively encourage our customers to bring their own carrier bags.
  • We offer biodegradable carrier bags (please see below for further details)
  • Cardboard boxes and plastic plant trays from our supplier deliveries are kept and offered to our customers to reuse.
  • Pallet shrink wrap from incoming deliveries is bailed and recycled, as is any cardboard packaging.
  • Many of our greeting’s cards are now supplied without a plastic sleeve.
  • The bag containing our own brand sweets are made from wood pulp and are completely plastic free and certified Home Compostable!
  • Our own grown crops are grown in blue Teku pots which are made from 100% recyclable plastic and can be recycled in domestic kerbside collections in the St Albans district. Blue Teku Pots are made from 100% recycled, post-consumer plastic, from domestic kerbside collections and are 100% recyclable in the St. Albans District.
  • Most of our bedding plants are now sold in recyclable plastic trays rather that polystyrene.

Carrier Bag Charges & Alternative Packaging


In 2015 larger retailers introduced a 5p charge for single use plastic carrier bags.  The Government rolled this out to all businesses on 21st May 2021 so that by law a minimum of 10p must be charged for every single use carrier bag. To date a whopping £180 million has been generated for good causes with the top seven key retailers reducing their usage by billions of bags.

What Aylett Nurseries is doing:

We believe the stats speak for themselves and we are keen to keep the good work going.  All the proceeds of our bag charges go to charity, but we believe we should be reducing all plastic carrier bag usage across our site, whether at the tills, deliveries or collections.  For example, we offer free recyclable paper bags at the tills, recyclable cardboard boxes, plastic plant trays or our own branded tape for those customers who do not want a bag.

How you can help:

We hope you will join us in reducing our bag usage and we would love you to bring your own re-usable bags from home.