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Garden Pots and Planters

Garden pots and planters are extremely versatile and can be the perfect solution for adding colour and interest to difficult situations in your garden or to grow plants that wouldn’t normally grow in your soil.

Choose from a vast selection:

Terracotta Garden Pots 

A classic that never goes out of fashion, these make a stylish addition to any garden.

For details of our Terracotta range, please see our Woodlodge page.

Reconstituted Stone/Cast Stone

A much-used alternative to quarried natural stone, which it stands alongside in appearance and performance. However, it is much more readily available and cost-effective. A strong, highly versatile material, suitable for period and contemporary styles which can weather like natural stone.

For details of our range, please see our Haddonstone page.

Fibre Clay

A strong, durable, frost resistant and lightweight alternative to terracotta or stone.

For details of our range, please see our Woodlodge page.

Plastic Garden Pots and Planters 

Lightweight, practical and available in many shapes, colours and sizes.

For details of our range, please see our Elho page.

Container Planting

Containers are the perfect home for colourful annuals and half-hardy perennials, both of which are sometimes called ‘patio plants’ or bedding, and many types of shrubs, climbers, herbaceous perennials, grasses and even trees can be grown in containers. Fruit and vegetables can be successful too, as can some roses.

As with any type of planting, selecting appropriate plants for your pots and containers makes a huge difference to their success – our plant information team are always on hand to help with your plant selection.

Life in containers can be tough for plants, so be sure to choose the right compost and carry out regular checks for watering requirements to ensure they put on a good show.

Be inspired…

With so many types and styles to choose from, garden pots and planters have so many uses for introducing form, a focal point or simply more space for planting!

Here are some ideas for using pots and planters in your outdoor spaces;

  • Plant herbs in a pot by the kitchen door for cooking and fragrance.
  • Use pots in your borders to create different heights for added interest.
  • A single pot or a group of pots can be a perfect way to fill an empty corner.
  • Pull garden furniture and pots together with a colour theme.
  • Use a large pot or urn as a focal point instead of a fountain.
  • Use a series of identical garden planters in a uniform line to create different areas in your garden.
  • Use pots or planters either side of a pathway or doorway to make it feel more grand and welcoming.
  • Place planters against an ugly fence or wall to rejuvenate tired-looking areas in your garden.
  • No matter how big your outdoor space is, a single garden pot or small collection well arranged on a terrace, patio, deck or balcony can make an area more interesting and attractive.

Contact our friendly team on 01727 822255 or email us on to discuss our range in more detail. Alternatively, browse our selection of garden pots and planters below.