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Reduce – Re-Use – Recycle

At Aylett Nurseries we are fortunate to have a compactor which bales our waste into pallet sized loads. These bales are stored on-site until we have a lorry load (24 pallets), the load is then collected by commercial recycling experts who responsibly recycle the material.

Last year (2021) we recycled;

 26 Tonnes of Cardboard & Paper

This included: All cardboard packaging and boxes that can’t be re-used by our customers are crushed, baled and sent for recycling.

Non-confidential office waste.


9 Tonnes of Plastic                

This includes; plant pots and trays from our nursery, pallet/delivery shrink wrap, compost bags , netting and plastic cups.



2 Tonnes of Glass

This includes; Glass bottle waste from Seasons Café and unsalvageable glass from our nursery greenhouses.



We also;

  • Recycle our green waste.
  • Responsibility recycle wood, metal, batteries, electrical waste and electronic equipment, and light bulbs.
  • Have a recycling point for customers to bring back their unwanted plastic plant pots and trays – customers are very welcome to take pots and trays for use at home, any remaining are crushed, bailed and recycled with our nursery waste.
  • Welcome customers to bring back alkaline batteries to us for recycling, we have a collection bucket at our main till points.
  • Our confidential waste is destroyed (in line with GDPR regulations) on-site by ReStore Datashred. The shredded paper is baled then sent for onward recycling back into paper-based products.
  • Recycle ink cartridges and toners used at the garden centre.