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What People Say….

Although we don’t like to shout about it, we are very proud of the lovely testimonials and reviews our customers take the time to write about us.image1  A few can be found below – we hope you enjoy Aylett Nurseries too and we look forward to seeing you soon!

“This was just what we needed to see. Having been elsewhere earlier in the day and thoroughly disappointed with what was supposed to be a ‘Magical’ Christmas experience, we were delighted to walk into Ayletts and see their Christmas scenes. So much time, effort and thought goes into making a visit to Ayletts worthwhile. Their display of Festive goodies are superb and well presented. The staff are the most helpful you could ever encounter and their food is second to none. It is of course a Nursery and throughout the year we come here to buy all our plants. They are always healthy, look fabulous and thrive in our garden. This is how a Garden Centre should be. Others should look and learn.”

“The staff are helpful, friendly and knowledgeable . Very well stocked garden centre with a good range of healthy plants . This was my first visit but I would recommend them most highly and go back there again. Allow plenty of time as so much to see.”

“Fantastic selection of indoor and houseplants. Very reasonably priced too. The cafe was clean and welcoming, and my daughter loved the climbing frame.”

“Everything you thought you might want to find at a garden centre you will find here. And the people who work there are really nice too!”

“Excellent choice, quality products and very knowledgeable staff. Immaculate, tidy and clean wherever I have visited.”

“We have used Ayletts as our garden centre of choice for over 20 years and to stock three gardens because of the quality and breadth of its stock and the friendliness and knowledge of its staff and the professionalism of the operation. It is a pleasure to shop there.”

“I have found Aylett’s to be the best garden centre that I have been to. All the staff are deeply knowledgeable and helpful, the range of products extensive and much ‘home grown’, the dahlias are the best and can be chosen by seeing them in bloom in their fields. Lastly the gift wrapping service is carried out with love and the greetings card section, the finest and nothing is over priced. I travel 10 miles to go there and it is always worthwhile.”

“This is quite simply the best garden centre in the world. you can take your dog in. what about that? I’t’s like being in Amsterdam! (you can take your dog into shops in Amsterdam). The quality and price of plants, friendliness and expertise of the staff is of the highest quality too. BUT YOU CAN TAKE YOUR DOG IN!.”

Kept passing Ayletts Nursery for years & just went yesterday with an overseas visitor. Seriously brilliant! Really beautifully presented healthy plants, clean, lovely, knowledgeable happy staff. A real treat! Food excellent too. Deffo thumbs up & happy smile!”.p2050831

“Brilliant customer service. I wanted to put a coat behind the customer service desk whilst I carried on shopping and had lunch. The staff offered to take it to the tills for me so it was waiting for me. My mother then wanted a particular coloured bowl, and although there was a lot of stock we couldn’t find one. Another member of staff almost took the display apart to find it, then box it up for her. Customer service is superb and the coffee shop is great. In addition I find their plants really healthy and robust too! Thank you.”

“Worked there in my early teens over 30 years ago when the main building still had its corrugated roof! Now, over 3 decades later, look at the place!! Even though I now live in Snowdonia, I still visit 3 or 4 times a year to get inspiration (and a slice of carrot cake too!!!).”

“Fabulous garden centre. Very informative staff and user friendly signs around the centre. Will definitely be paying it another visit.”

“Its the best garden centre ever. Great staff, always happy to help. Paul in the dahlia field has taught me so mucth. Plants fresh and reasonably priced. There Friday for Macmillan coffe morning. More Cattleyas please.”