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Water & Energy Usage

It will come as no surprise that water is an essential requirement to the running of our business. Water is used to heat our greenhouses and water our stock of plants, Dahlia field and Celebration Garden. It is therefore crucial that we monitor and evaluation our water and energy usage to ensure that it is used in the most efficient way possible;

  • Our greenhouses and buildings are all monitored electronically to control temperatures and so make efficient use of energy.
  • Our water consumption is similarly monitored daily using automatic meter readers. We monitor hosepipes and equipment for leaks to reduce any water loss this way.
  • Drip irrigation and capillary matting are used in the nursery to reduce our  water usage, the plant area is watered during the evenings and early mornings to reduce evaporation.
  • Rainwater is harvested and used to water plants in our houseplant department.
  • 99% of our fluorescent lights have been replaced with LEDs resulting in a 30 tonne carbon footprint reduction per annum.
  • We actively encourage our customers to conserve rain water by discussing the topic instore in person and through our displays, and via social media and e-newsletters.