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Environmental Policy

Fifty odd years ago, we all took for granted our wonderful planet and thought it was safe from our excesses. We now know that this attitude is a recipe for disaster and we must all do whatever we can to protect the environment for future generations. In our quest to achieve this goal we have over the years implemented various systems. Our greenhouses are all monitored by a computer to control temperatures and so make efficient use of energy. We also use biological pest control wherever possible so minimising the use of chemicals. Our carrier bags and bootliners are biodegradable and we recycle all we can. Our program for the future includes water harvesting, the recycling of customers plastic pots and trays and the use of biodegradable pots for our home growing.

It is the policy of the Directors of Aylett Nurseries Limited to protect the environment through sound practices that reduce waste and minimise risk to the environment. This policy applies to all areas of our business.

To meet the objectives of this policy, Aylett Nurseries Limited is committed to:

  • Developing a culture in which the protection of the environment is encouraged by greater awareness, understanding and management of environmental issues.
  • Complying with all applicable environmental legislation and other requirements to which our Company subscribes.
  • Undertaking measures to prevent and reduce pollution.
  • Undertaking a regular review of all its activities with a view to achieving continual improvement in its performance.
  • Minimising its environmental impact and aiming to enhance the quality of the environment.
  • Providing appropriate environmental training for all members of staff.

Aylett Nurseries expects all employees to conduct their duties in accordance with this Policy.

Date: 27th November 2006, updated July 2011, Reviewed: September 2017, March 2021

Peat Sourcing and Reduction Policy

Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment and Waste Packaging

To endorse our commitment to recycling we would like to draw attention to the Regulations that came into effect on the 1st of July 2007 about waste electrical items, and the Producer Responsibility (Packaging) regulations 2008 (as amended).